Rise As One is a global yoga community that connects people to projects, enabling yogis to reach the next level of practice: to be of service to others.

We collaborate with social enterprises, charities and NGOs to co-ordinate people and projects that champion diversity, gender equality and that empower women and children to live healthy, sustainable lives.

Through the extensive yoga community we can reach over 40 million people living in the USA, Asia, Australasia, the EU, Africa and the Middle East, bringing together a wide array of skills and ideas, cultures and experiences to all ‘Rise as One’ in service.

Our global yoga community includes master practitioners, specialist yoga teachers, studio owners, from the creative arts, athletes and corporate and public figures who will motivate and rally their immediate communities to join the call-out to “Rise As One”


We provide a bridge of projects and a platform for yogis and the general community wanting to be of service. We then match their skills to social causes to help elevate their communities, and enhance impact.

Its aim is to rejuvenate the spirit of others and to provide economic empowerment.


We are doing this because it needs to be done. A difference can be made in someone’s life. With minimum input we can produce maximum impact – that’s why we have chosen to work in developing countries. That’s why we team with NGOs and “not for profits” who have a proven track record.

In many developing countries, if you give a small amount, it will multiply because there are dedicated people committing their lives, time and focus in these communities. In many instances it has taken a number of years of dedicated work, persistence and love to make the programs effective. With minimum input when we “Rise As One” we can produce a maximum impact.


Our founder

Mark Breadner is the longest standing Yoga educator in Australia. He is a qualified Somatic Psychotherapist. His teaching USP is underpinned by personal transformation in the individual. Mark believes that we must first transform ourselves, to be able to master our mind, tap into our unique gifts and give back (serve). This also referred to as Karma Yoga.

Through his own practice and transformation, Mark’s interests now lie very much in Karma Yoga and awakening this in the modern day Yogi, giving them the opportunity to be of service. Championing Diversity therefore becomes a fundamental pillar, the central value of the Rise as One project, brings diversity together a wide array of skills and ideas, to "rise as one" and cutts across tradition, lineage, dogma, class systems, politics and ambition. 

Mark’s vision is to create an online marketplace that connects those in need and charities and NGOs (referred to as ‘Foundations'), with those wanting to give back and serve.

Through his years of personal practice, of training Yogis, and of working with the Foundations, Mark has discovered that everyone is trying to make a difference. They are trying do it by themselves but resources and skills far more impactful when they are brought together. With this vision and inner knowing Rise as One was born

“There are thousands of social-cause projects around the world that don’t have a voice, combined with millions of amazing skilled people who wish to give back”
— Mark Breadner