Rise as One's focus is to awaken potential and the value of service in the Modern Yogi.

 Its aim is to rejuvenate the spirit of others and to provide economic empowerment, supporting all to rise by developing job skills, providing education and creating safe environments where needed.

We are a community of like-minded people: Yogis, social enterprises, charities and NGO's all with the vision of creating a difference. We all have one thing in common; we champion diversity to bring together a wide array of skills and ideas, while cutting across dogma, tradition, lineage, ambition, class and politics to Rise as One.

World Yogis

World Yogis coming together to share the essence of yoga; to create a better world and leave a legacy.  



World NGOs and not for profits who are open to receive the support of the world yogic community.

our aproach

 We create a platform and projects to give a voice and to provide a bridge for those who are ready to be of service to the world and those in need.


Our Future Projects

By 2020 

We aim to reach 5million users through partnership

"We will Rise as One as a exponentially growing global community to be at the tipping point of transformation on the planet"

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We have to become reservoirs of energy. Our words, our sight, our presence should be in a position to change the frequency of a person who needs the jump-start. Do it with words, with touch, with sight and with prayer. It’s the same thing. It doesn’t matter what condition you are in. But it does matter how precise and clear you are to lift up the other person.
— Yogi Bhajan