Rise as One India 2017


With the first Rise as One project we have partnered with the Bodhicitta Foundation to provide education and job skills and to establish  a "Girl's Home" for vulnerable girls and women in Nagpur, India to help them escape child marriage, poverty and to become change-makers in their communities

RAO, India will be held from Sept 12-25, 2017

Week 1: As a group we will spend most of the time in Rishikesh by the Holy Ganga- our days will be full of practise and personal transformation based on creating a map for change by building a focus towards purpose driven lives and business. This group will encouraged to be an ongoing Sangha that works together to help each other make it a reality.

Week 2: We will immerse ourselves in the slum communities of Nagpur (central India), spend time with the families, tour the work skills areas. Meet with the women and girls and connect with their day to day lives. We will teach yoga, spend time with the children, go on the nutrition programs and spend time with Ayya Yeshe ( Bodhicitta Foundation) to best understand how to empower the women and girls to be ongoing change makers in their community.

Ongoing: We then each make a commitment to have a 2 year ongoing commitment to Ayya Yeshe and the Bodhicitta foundation to be of service in some way (Ayya Yeshe will lay out 5 points of possibilty)

(dates may vary slightly closer to date, due to flights)


What does the Fundraising for this project go to?

  • Towards creating a permanent community building centre to house education and job skills (money has already been raised to purchase land)
  • Putting the young women from the womens support centre , mostly 15 to 25 years old through their Tafe studies. (being able to get employment through education is one of the most important things to break the cycle of child marriage and poverty)
  • Scholarships for children in the slums who show passion and skill in their areas on interest.



Now is the Time to Inspire Change Around the World

This project is aimed at providing job skills and education for girls and women, so they can stand with pride and dignity. 

Statistics show that: 

  • if an adolescent girls gets one more year of education at high school, her earning capacity goes up 20%. 
  • women do 65% of the world’s work, and own 10% of the Earth’s land.
  • 38,000 girls around the world get married everyday under age 18.

Together, we can hold a space for girls and women around the world to be educated, skilled and to feel safe so they can stand on their own two feet with pride and dignity. That way, they give themselves permission to DREAM again, and potentially to bring their big dreams to life.